Saturday, December 5, 2009

Harrison wins the Fire Safety Poster Contest - again

Oh it is going to be a bad day when he doesn't win this poster contest. He came in 3rd place in Kindergarten, 1st in First grade and now 1st in Second grade. Unbelievable. This year instead of a dinner they had an assembly at school and lunch with the firefighters after. I don't have a picture of his poster yet but will add that later. It is the yellow one behind them.

Thanksgiving and more Thanksgiving....

These are from Avery's Thanksgiving program at school. She has watched so many of Harrison's that this was huge for her. And we lucked out because Harrison's school had the day off that day so he could come watch her. Now I should also say that leading up to this show was all kinds of drama. Avery did not under any circumstances want to be a Native American. Why? Honestly I have no idea but she was dead set against, she was not wearing a costume and she was not having a new name. Dan was here for part of it so he can attest to the fact that she was adamant about the whole thing. But slowly slowly slowly she decided this was a good idea and by the time it rolled around we had a very happily costumed little girl named Little Dancing Horse.

A gaggle of 4 yr olds

Big goofy grin, and she kept yelling "hi Harrison" randomly throughout....
And these are from Scott and Kelly's on Thanksgiving

Avery playing with Mackenzie
(Mackenzie, Denny, and Gracie are all so great about playing with my kids... they talk about it for weeks)

Avery loving the horses
Harrison would rather watch from here

And then the day after Thanksgiving we went down to Grandma Neenie's for another meal and family time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photo Shoot #1

First of all let me say I really love these pictures. I can't really put them on a Christmas card, well maybe I will you never know, but the truth is they really encompass so much of the way I see my kids. And I mean that in a good way. So maybe I will get them to sit and smile at the same time, maybe I won't... but this was our first attempt.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turner's in Trees

This was one of those days when plans just didn't work out and the result was more fun than the original plan. We planned on the library and the park and ended up climbing trees... Florida has great trees for climbing....

Kids amongst the trees

Harrison - who seems to be aging right before my eyes

Up they go

Avery the fearless

Boys in trees

Kids trying to figure out exactly how Dad was going to get down (he was too)

Harrison up a tree

Avery working on her balance


Me and my kids

Me trying to convince Harrison to give me a piggy back ride.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Giant October, Halloween, Uncle Dan Post

I decided to just put all the stuff I have left for the month in one post. SO there are tons of pictures.... but hey you don't have to look if you don't want to(I'll never know).

Uncle Dan arrives... and Avery climbs all over him as he tries to sleep
And then she pretends he is her cave for her animals...
Avery's class went to an assisted living home to sing and trick-or treat
Uncle Dan came too (he didn't know he was coming for a super hectic week)

Being cute...Being grumpy because the residents thought she was just a butterfly when in fact she is a monarch.
I put Dan to work... making a bean bag toss for Avery's school party

While I worked on finishing this costume.

Harrison's school parade (he would be the giant one)

Here is the 2nd grade

Uncle Dan reading to Avery
Avery ready for her orange and black day partyUncle Dan's super bean bag toss is a hit.Avery decorating her cookie (this one is a little blurry.)

Pumpkin timeHarrison carved his on his own this year. He did great.
Uncle Dan did pretty well too.
Pumpkin heads
More pumpkin heads...I look tired:)
Ready to go trick-or-treating.
Dan and Will manned the cooler and wagon
Kim and I - it was hot and humid...
Kids swarming a house
Sir Harrison (love those big green eyes)
Checking out the loot
So sad - Uncle Dan heads homeWe love it when we have uncles around.