Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harrison starts second grade

I officially have two kids in school. It is so quiet here today, a little surreal. I managed to get both kids to school on time. I was a little nervous about that because they start at the same time, but 5 miles apart. So here are Harrison's first day pictures!

And his new shoes!

This isn't a great picture but Avery is exactly the same height Harrison was starting pre-K. I know how many inches he has grown but seeing them next to each other floors me.How he has grown!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Avery starts School

I can't believe she has started school. She loved it, she barely even waved as we left her there. Here are a couple pictures. Harrison starts on Wednesday so I will post his then.

Here she is waiting for the doors to open.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Smyrna Beach Vacation

We all went on an extended weekend vacation to the beach. The kids had fun in the pool and the ocean and building things in the sand. We stayed in a beautiful condo, the beach is always more fun when it doesn't include a sandy ride home. Harrison got a lot braver and was going deeper and deeper and really had a blast riding the boogieboard. Avery doesn't really like swimming in the ocean yet, but she is happy swimming in the sand, and rolling in the sand and throwing chunks of sand. I think I am still finding sand in her hair. So here are some pictures, even some with the grown-ups in them..

Oh I also wanted to add that on this trip Harrison has started using goggles. He is a great swimmer but has sensitive eyes so opening them underwater has always bothered him. And he has always refused to use goggles, he also hates things on his eyes. But apparently he dislikes not being able to dive for things even more because he now wears them all the time! Even in the house. And Avery is floatie free. She was down to only using a ring for jumping in but realized that she doesn't really go under too far so she is good jumping in without one now!


So I have had a really hard time getting all these pictures together just because there are so many of them that I wanted to share. So now we have two slide shows. I can't seem to get the HTML for the second one right so I am just going to post it in a separate post.

So what to say about our trip to Michigan... We all had a great time. The kids still talk about their trip to Windmill Island and Avery wears her wooden shoes around the house on a regular basis. The loved swimming in Lake Michigan even though I didn't bring bathing suits (why? because I thought it would be cold, which it wasn't) and they swam in their clothes. We looked ridiculous but they loved it. They also ran down their first sand dunes. Harrison did it over and over until I thought he would collapse. It was cool for me to see them do some of the things I loved doing when I was little. What else? I saw some of my friends from State and their kids which always makes me happy. I got to see a movie with my brothers and Ashley (and free grandma babysitting which is something I don't have here - amazing!)I went with my mom to a beading class... yes I really did. And I got to go to my first Poolooza, I've always been jealous I couldn't attend so it was really fun for me! We never have enough time to see everyone and visit everything we'd like but we are always ready to get home as well.

Michigan Slideshow Part 2