Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Message from Harrison and Avery

We all wish you a very merry Christmas!
(Pause the music so you can hear)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who needs a playground....

When you have a construction site and big equipment? Both kids got a chance to hang out with Dad this week. Avery got her chance while I did school stuff with Harrison. Harrison spent all day there with him today. Will started a new project this week and there were cranes, excavators, concrete pours....and of course lots of dirt. Avery now gets up in the morning and asks if she can go play at Dad's trailer!

School Christmas Party

It is officially Christmas Break!
Harrison had his school party yesterday. I think every year it gets just a little bit louder. It is so much fun to see his class, the majority of them have been together since Pre-K and it is amazing how they have all changed. After his party everyone collected their younger siblings and we spent the afternoon at the park having pizza and enjoying a very warm December day.

Harrison's Class - minus a couple early vacationers
(it is so weird to see them without uniforms)

This is what happens when mom's take too long taking pictures

Harrison working on his gingerbread cookie. Harrison and Julia (too cute)

Noise makers - believe me they didn't need help

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Will!

Will turned 33 today!
The kids did the wrapping and the baking all by themselves. They had huge plans for his cake which included many layers... some green layers(Harrison's choice) and some with sprinkles baked in (that's Avery) and it had lots and lots of icing topped with a sprinkle Sparty head. The Sparty was Avery's idea but she really wanted it to be purple.
Avery also practiced singing Happy Birthday over and over...and over. So it could go with her dance moves (performed on the table of course) It was delightful (and very loud)
And here is the birthday boy with the cake and the kids
(which he ate like a champ, for which he gets lots of Dad points, once again it had LOTS of icing)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flat Stanley

The first grade at Harrison's school does a "Flat Stanley" project each year. It is based on the book and each child gets Stanley to send to a friend or relative in order to learn about other places and cultures. In this case, they were focusing on holidays because of the timing. Harrison's Stanley went to Germany (thank you Grandpa Tom) and this is a picture of his finished project. They sang some cute songs and each child was supposed to bring in some food, decoration (and dress up if you happen to have some lederhosen lying around) related to their destination.

Avery in the Rain

Avery had a much different reaction to the sudden drop in temperature and rainy day than I did. While I wanted to hole up and take a nap, she wanted to take her pants off and jump in puddles. At least she avoided the mud.
(Pause the music if you want to hear the sound)

And the circling continued for quite some time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Cards

The kids really wanted to help with the Christmas cards this year. Actually, they have been really excited to do everything this year. I was astonished at how much concentration and effort was put out to get the cards ready to mail. They put all the cards in the envelopes, all the labels on, stickers on the backs and even the stamps. You may end up with a card with a crooked stamp but it was applied with lots of enthusiasm.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visiting Santa

The kids went to visit Santa today. This was a pretty big deal because it isn't something we usually do. Harrison is not much of a Santa fan, so we haven't gone since he was a baby and didn't have a choice. On the other hand, Avery is all about Santa this year. So, after much debate Harrison said he would go if he didn't actually have to talk to Santa or sit on his lap. Avery was so excited she was a bit of a nightmare in the too long line... but she was great when we got up to him and told him what she wanted.
She has decided this is the "best Christmas ever"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Concert

Harrison's Christmas concert was last night. He is doing so well it's amazing. I can't believe how we used to dread performances because he hated being in front of an audience so much. Not only did he sing and dance, I think he was even smiling for most of it!!

And seriously, could he be any cuter in a tie?

This may be the best picture I have of them (don't be shocked if it shows up on a Christmas card)
Best I could do in the gymThis is the next round
All five of them have a brother or sister in Harrison's class and they will all be in Pre- K next year

Does anyone else see trouble in about 10 years when looking at this threesome?Avery and Alex - just because they are cute
And Harrison posing after the show...