Monday, September 28, 2009

A visit with Aunt Morgan and Dean.

Morgan and Dean came down to visit Will's mom and we were lucky enough to get to spend some time with them. Saturday they met up with us at Aquatica, no pictures of course. And then Sunday we went to Grandma Neenie's to hang out and swim. The swimming got delayed over and over because of storms but it cleared up enough right before we went home for the kids to get a quick one in.

Friday, September 25, 2009


So we are over a month into school and I feel like we are just starting to settle in. Harrison is doing well. He really likes his teacher and I do too. Second grade is so much different than I remember. In second grade at his school they start taking violin and he thinks this is really fun. He is also starting his 4th year of Spanish and his second year of Chinese. It is really humbling to have a hard time helping your 7 year old do his homework. Let's see, what else? He has a field trip coming up to the Kennedy Space Center and he is really excited. I think Will is going with him so I am going to have to trust him to take pictures:)

On to Avery. Here are a few pictures from Avery's class. We were celebrating Miss Sherrie's birthday.
(Miss Sherrie is in the middle next to Avery and Miss Julie is her assistant on the right - Love them)

And this is them "going on a bear hunt" which is her very favorite thing.

So far Avery LOVES school. The first day of school she was off with no tears and barely a backward glance. And it has been that way every day since. She is going to a different school than Harrison this year so she is doing half days and I think this schedule is perfect for her. She always leaves wanting more and is so excited to go the next day. She is having a great time and making new friends. Such a great time that she sometimes forgets that she needs to stop talking, but I have a feeling that is going to be pretty normal for Avery. Her teacher is wonderful, I really like her. So far so good for pre-k!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

International Peace Day Assembly

(I know, I know I am behind again. I will post later about how school is going and all that fun stuff.)

Today Harrison's school celebrated "Peace Day". They had an assembly and released doves and made a ton of pinwheels that they had surrounding the school. The second graders had to write a journal entry talking about what peace means to them. Harrison was one of the four chosen to read his aloud at the assembly. He is getting really good at speaking in front of crowds. So this is the video of him reading, it's really hard to hear so I will post the words once he gets home.

They were allowed to wear their peace day t-shirts.
Watching the birds being released.