Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Catch-UP

Once again I got really behind. So this weekend (while sitting on the 7th floor balcony of our condo on the beach - ahhh) I put some of the pictures from the past month together. So this is everything and anything from the past month minus the trip to Michigan and the beach which are going to have more than enough to merit a post of their own.

Avery has new roller skates from her birthday and I realized it wasn't very easy to have one kid with roller skates. So Harrison now has roller blades. He is even better on them then her. It is a pretty common thing around here for my kids to be roller skating around the house instead of walking.

Harrison and Will in Grandma Neenie's pool. "Throw me Dad" and "Spin me in circles Dad" are the most used phrases when we go swimming together.

These are from the last playday with friends at our house. Harrison really wanted to try tie-dye so I thought "why not do it with 9 other kids" and yes I really thought that. They had fun, were exceptionally well behaved (yet very very loud) and everyone ended up with a cool shirt.
Harrison and James picking out their style
Avery and Cora working on their shirts
Harrison working
Avery all princess-ed up next to Nicole for lunch
This is when Avery wanted to jump on the trampoline in her skates

Will and I went out the weekend before our anniversary by ourlselves but on our actual anniversary we took the kids to Sea World at night for the "Shamu Rocks!" show and fireworks.

Looking up at Manta, the new roller coaster.

Carousels are Avery's favorite
My kids have to pretend to swim in front of this picture every single time we go to Sea World.

Kid rides...Will is very scared.

I always think he looks so small walking with Will, then I remember how tall Will is and realize he is really growing up.....A random day at the Beach

Same thought as above
I have started calling Avery the "Butterfly Whisperer" Ever since our trip to the butterfly encounter she is obsessed with them (and all other bugs to a slightly lesser degree) and they seem to be just as obsessed with her. This is the second time since then I have seen her walking around with a butterfly on her finger or hand.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Photo Shoot

This is All of the pictures from our summer photo shoot. Even the silly and bad ones. It was humid and Avery was distracted. Harrison honestly loves getting his picture taken, unfortunately he tries so hard that he either looks sad or stressed out. So my main goal was to get Harrison not to try to pose and Avery to look somewhere in the vicinity of the camera. I do think I got a couple of good ones.

(note: thanks to Jamie and Brianna for having such cute tutu pictures so we wanted a tutu as well)