Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Days

The nasty winter virus season has hit Harrison's class. Yuck. So we have had a few sick days home and a lot of grumpiness lately. I know it's weird but I still take pictures even when they are sick.

They were even sick enough at one point to cuddle up next to each other and not fight.
(This was the beautiful face I got from Harrison when I asked him to smile, Avery didn't even bother to pretend)

This was when I started trying to think of things to keep them busy. After the feeling bad was over but before they were well enough to really do anything.

So we made hats....

(excuse the dripping juice on her face, she ate about a million mandarin oranges. It was all she wanted)
And flowers.....
And flowers with beads glued on...
And muffins.....(while wearing the hat of course)

But everyone seems to be back on the road to healthy now so things (mostly my house) can start to get back to normal.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Foreign Language Fair

Tonight we went to the "Foreign Language Fair" at Harrison's school. The first grade part of the show was to sing a song they learned in their Spanish class and a song from their Chinese class. As always, I can't take very good pictures in the gym. The gym is bright, the stage is dark and I am just not good enough to compensate (maybe by high school graduation I will be) So this time I attempted to just take a short video with Will's camera. We weren't that close so it isn't as clear as I would like, but I tried. So here is the first grade singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in Chinese.

(Pause the music on the side first)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beach Day

We always seem to need a day at the beach in mid-January. It is always a little colder than I like, and Avery always falls in the ocean despite the cold. Harrison ended up in a bathing suit this time around (which I will bring for Avery next time despite the chill because she ends up soaked anyway) because he was braver than ever before and ended up waist deep in his jeans. They built sandcastles and collected shells.

My biggest conflict about this blog is pictures. I take a ton(and by a ton I mean I took over a hundred just today) and have a hard time picking two or three, it's just not the way I am. So I am going to continue posting more than that and just posting them smaller, you can always click on them to enlarge.

Me pulling a dripping wet Avery out of the ocean after hearing "I won't fall in mom" repeatedly

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Avery's Show Day

Avery's last gym class was today and they had their big show. She was really excited and I am going to post lots (and I mean lots!) of pictures because she had multiple routines and I couldn't just pick one or two.

(Because of the volume of pictures I made them small, if you want to see them bigger just click on them.)

Avery's group getting ready for their balance beam routine.

(One foot balance -and I was a super proud mom because she was the only one not holding on to her teacher)

Bar routine
(Avery's favorite, not a surprise since it involves spinning way above the ground and Mr. Evan always does the bars with the kids and he is Avery's favorite)

Floor Routine

And getting her medal (from Mr. Evan woo-hoo)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day with Dad

Will took the kids to the park today and got a some really cute pictures. Of course, neither one has their hair combed and they both look a little worn out (Christmas fun will do that to you) so of course today is the day they are super cooperative and smiling in pictures.


These are from the groundbreaking at Will's new project. It was actually the week before Christmas but I didn't get around to posting them then. The kid's felt very important with their golden shovels. It's called Savannah Park and is going to be the location of Cotter-Ryan's new office building. (Will can add more here if he wants to)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I hope this works

Happy New Year!

The kids threw confetti and covered each other in silly string. This year Harrison really wanted to stay up until midnight, he tried but only made it until 10:30 before staying awake stopped being fun.

I haven't forgotten about the blog, we've just been pretty occupied for the last week or so. I plan on getting all the Christmas stuff put away and things back in order around here this weekend. Hopefully that will include getting Christmas pictures together and uploaded. I am just trying to figure a good way to do it since there are quite a few (I know, it's not a surprise)