Monday, August 23, 2010

School starts!

So it has begun. New school, new kids, new teachers even new uniforms. So how has it gone so far? Well not great. It has been a very rough start and I think I am more exhausted mentally than I have ever been. Harrison is holding it together pretty well. He is slow to embrace change and this has been hard on him but I am so proud of how well he is managing. Avery had a rough first morning which I didn't expect so it really blindsided me. She was ok the second though. We are dealing with some issues I didn't foresee with her and her teacher but I am trying to think positively and hopefully handling it in the most appropriate manner. Did I say I was exhausted? Here are their first day pictures, I'm biased I know, but they are pretty darn cute.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Really? Will I ever catch up?

Doesn't the title explain it? I'm trying to figure out how I missed this entire summer on here. As we go into the last week before school starts I feel like I did miss this summer, it just flew by. We did some fun things, we went to Michigan... but posting pictures seemed to be beyond my ability. In one week both of my kids will be in school, at the same school, all day with the same drop off and pick-up times. Oh the plans I have:) But in the middle of scouring this house, purging things, repainting, getting a new stable exercise schedule going, and trying to find time for drawing I am GOING to get this caught up as well. I have done all those things with two kids here I should be able to be much more productive with child-free time. Right? So I will be back - first day of school pictures are coming....

One quick catch-up story.

One thing that has changed this summer is the number of teeth in Avery's mouth. As many of you know she has had some major, some minor issues with her teeth. She has already logged more than her share of dentist time. Well I guess she has decided to just be rid of them:) The first tooth to go was right before our trip to Michigan. She did a face plant right on the wood floor and dislodged one of the more fragile of her teeth. After going back and forth we decided to just let them pull it out, the adult tooth is coming down already so it would have been soon anyway. And the second was last night. I had just brushed her teeth before bed, we even checked the "wiggly-ness" of her teeth. Yes they are wiggly but not coming out quite yet. Fast forward 15 minutes and there was a Harrison/Avery collision and the victim was the next front tooth. It was mostly out and bleeding in a horror film type way. I looked at her and said, why don't you just yank it... and Avery being Avery reached in and pulled it right out. So she is toothless going into kindergarten. (Harrison was naturally toothless going into kindergarten too) Hopefully we can loose the next ones without any drama.