Thursday, November 11, 2010

School Pictures!

Ok so I am trying to stay a little more on task here. These are the kids new pictures. Yes I know the backgrounds are not matching and yes it annoys me but no I am not getting retakes. They are smiling and we are calling it good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We'll just call this picture extravaganza...

Instead of "wow I really am bad at this" I am obviously just not getting it together here in blog-land. So this is a little of everything from school starting until now....

Harrison working hard on a haunted gingerbread house..he even cut tiles out of fondant...Avery working hard to eat as much black icing as possible
(so gross)
Avery being me:)
Harrison's first sleepover at our house...we traded the other way the next weekend but had a middle of the night pick-up (late night boy talk of robbers meant there was no way he was staying somewhere else) This is a random picture but it was one of those moments. I am so used to Harrison looking older but still get shocked on occasion how grown-up she has gotten. (she was dancing)
Park day - it was the first (and brief) cool down
She has no idea how to slow down
Super swinger
Every single day she leaves this house with her hair brushed and every single day she comes home looking like she has rubbed her head on the floor all day.
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!

Pumpkin Patch

Here we are at the City Hall Halloween Party

This is the door for candy


Harrison won the costume contest

Waiting in the cotton candy line with Uncle Tom and Aunt Ashley

Pay attention to me Uncle Tom!

Sunny day pumpkin carving

She was so determined to do hers on her own... and oh so mad when it didn't quite work out like she wanted.

Second year of Harrison carving his all alone - he did great!

Finished pumpkins (Will, Harrison, Ashley, Tom, Avery's with no candle and me)

Halloween night with Caitlyn

Ready to go with Friends

Unfortunately this picture sums up the rest of the night - it was hot and Harrison was in a mini sauna. I ended up literally cracking his head off when I thought he was going to overheat. I'm sure that looked pretty crazy on the side of the road! If we ever do something like this circulation will be more thought through, he was melting.