Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elephant Jokes

The kids wanted to make a comedy show. I guess they only know jokes about elephants right now. I'm sorry to say I think they got their joke telling skills from me not Will.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The New Water Park

There is a brand new park with water fountains near our house. It is a beautiful park and I am sure we'll be back soon. It was way too hot for a long visit, and Harrison wants me to say it was really stinky. It is right on the lake and I think the intense heat may have brought out the fish smell, at least I am hoping that's it.

Running in the water

Harrison taking care of Avery after she got squirted right in the eye

Run Avery run

Climb Avery Climb

Climb some more, it's only 100 degrees out today!

And this when Harrison got really over heated and sat under the pavilion with me...I took about 30 more..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pool Jumping

O.k. so it's probably going to mess up my chronological order but these pictures from today are cute. Harrison started jumping last year and Avery has suddenly figured out water going over her head isn't a bad thing so she is joining in.... I think she will be going off the diving board by the end of the summer.

Check out the stacked tubes too. Avery's head pops out by the third shot:)

I figure another year and he will be too tall to jump into our little pool anymore.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The giant summer catch up post.

O.k. I have gotten behind again. SO here are a bunch of pictures up to last week.. There are more from last week that haven't been uploaded but this will hopefully get me closer to caught up.

Avery and her roller skates. She is doing ok in them, but she won't be auditioning for the roller derby anytime soon..

Tinker Toys! Will and Harrison are just as excited as her.
Swimming with friends - it has been a hot hot summer already and we are grateful for all the time we have been able to spend in the water.
Avery, Nicole and Cora
All the kids swimming with Uncle Dan. He is now somewhat of a celebrity in the seven and under crowd around here. Actually, since most of my friends would like to hire him as their "manny" I guess he is pretty popular in the mom crowd as well.And their will be more soon.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Avery's Birthday Party

This year Avery had her birthday party at the Build-a-Bear workshop with a couple of her friends. Oh and her "best friend" Harrison who she allowed to come despite the fact that was too old. They had a great time, Avery picked a pink unicorn and named it sparkles. Tomorrow is her actual birthday and there will be more pictures then.

Yay look at our fun animals!
The cake
The cupcake she blew her candle out on
(she was really sick this past week and we wanted to keep germs away from the cake - just in case)

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Grandpa and Grandma are here this week to celebrate Avery's birthday but we thought we should start out by having a cake for Grandpa. Some of you may of heard I dropped the top layer of the cake in the middle of my kitchen. So it was not quite the cake I had intended but it tasted great anyway.

Pictures of Avery's party and fun with Grandparents coming soon. The kids have been sick for the past two weeks so I am behind on posting some end of the school year things. They'll get here eventually, just not in chronological order.