Saturday, October 17, 2009

Greenmeadows Petting Farm

Avery had her first field trip this week and she was thrilled. She is so excited to be doing things she has watched Harrison do for years. Even taking her lunch was thrilling.

I was slightly concerned she was going to try to steal this chicken, she really loved it. I was the calmest chicken I have ever seen in my life.
Riding a pony ( I think she has been spoiled by the horse rides at Uncle Scott's because she wasn't that impressed with the little pony - she wished it was a unicorn)
The cow

She wanted to milk the cow right up until she actually got to, then was less enthusiastic (she got milk on her shoe.)
Avery and Katie

She sees Cyrus and off she goes - I get tired just watching her(but would love it if I had a running stride like hers)A "Zorse" named Tigger. He's a zebra and horse mix.

Huh? I love this expression
An ostrich
I always notice how tall Harrison is but seem to forget that Avery is just as tall as he was at her age. (the boy on the far right is Katie's older brother - he is 2 yrs older than them)
She thought this was hilarious.And then they got to pick out a was a long process to find the perfect one.
That is her teacher Miss Sherrie who she adores.
And the perfect pumpkin - which she carries around the house and talks to.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kennedy Space Center

We went on our first 2nd grade field trip last week to the Kennedy Space Center. I have been there but not since I went as a kid with my parents. It was fun and I was excited to get a little mom and Harrison time. But it was really hot. Record highs this week made it a little tiring to walk around outside all day. Here are some pictures! (and next week Avery has a farm field trip so more are coming)
Here is the entire second gradeExcited about the "Rocket Garden"Not too excited about astronaut ice-creamIn a rocketIn a space suitAnother rocket acting silly
Mars RoverMission Control
Mars Living
The cool rolling ball of constellations
Astronaut memorial

Painting it Red.

Or I guess I could have called this "Christi feels like painting" I've wanted to paint my bathroom red for quite some time. Most of you know I tend to be quite..uh...picky when it comes to colors, so my bathroom had been covered in squares of different reds for a while because it wasn't "quite right" and if you're going to go red then it had better be the right one. SO I finally found it and painted and I love it.

Avery helping (and dancing in the mirror you can't see)
(the dog wouldn't be helpful and move so please excuse the dog bum, and if you are wondering what is going on in the middle of the other door that is the dog door to outside that he refuses to use)

And then I decided to work on Harrison's room. I painted a 16 sq. ft. section of his wall first with magnetic primer than covered that with chalkboard paint. It was not as easy as I had hoped (and deciding to put up crown molding the same day left me very sore and a little cranky) But he loves it, he has spent more time in his room drawing on that wall than I could have imagined.

Our Personal Roller Rink.

A big perk of having a Dad who builds buildings is afternoons like this. Who else has a huge clear area to skate in (that they don't even have to share) and they are getting pretty good. Now most of the falls are Avery's and done on purpose for a little added drama.