Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Arts Show

This week we had the winter "program" at the kid's school. Since they don't have normal extracurricular activities it was a little different than we are used to. Avery's program was on Tuesday and her class performed a dance number. The video is very shaky. Sorry if it makes you sick. I was holding it in the air and Harrison was jumping up and down in front of me. Not a good combo. She was so excited.

She is sort of in the back from this angle. She is the one who bows A LOT! Ok I realized how hard it is to pick her out after I watched it again but she is the one with black capri leggings vs. tights (she will not wear tights...ever)

Now Harrison has digital art this nine weeks so he didn't have a performance (not something that really bothered him) the 2nd and 3rd grade had their night on Thursday. He had some of his art displayed. It is very cool. They are using programs that I've never seen. So far they have created scenery, used green screens to make mini shows and created the outline for a video game with a story and graphics.