Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harrison at the Park

I have been having some mom-guilt lately. I seem to have tons more pictures of Avery right now. Granted this is mostly because of two reasons. #1 I spend considerable more time with Avery since Harrison is in school all day and #2 Harrison smiles when I ask him to and Avery does not so I will have 1 of Harrison and 50 of Avery. So here are a few from the park last Friday. This park happens to be right by his school so it is easy to stop by for a while.

(That isn't sweat, he ran through the showers.)


Libby said...

Oh - this is the danger park?!?! :)

Christi said...

Yes! Yes this is danger park. I guess I am over the ridiculous unsafe-ness of the park now due to the fact that it's right next door to Harrison's school.